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No Remorse (Excerpt) by Ian Walkley

Sophia and her best friend are kidnapped in Mexico and soon find themselves on a luxury yacht in the Indian Ocean with a group of other teenagers.

After a failed rescue mission in Mexico, Delta Force operator Lee McCloud, a close family friend of Sophia, finds himself forced to work for a secret agency that hacks into the bank accounts of mega-rich sponsors of terror.

With his partner Tally, a beautiful computer genius, they are soon on a collision course with Sheik Khalid, a billionaire Saudi exile who supports terrorist groups by shipping arms, drugs and slaves on his superyacht and has built a clinic on the island of Andaran to use healthy teenagers as live organ donors.

With time running out for Sophia and her best friend, McCloud and Tally try to penetrate Khalid’s fortress, only to find they’re pawns in a conspiracy that would see Khalid succeed with devastating consequences for an already unstable world.


“Were any of you aware of me tailing you?” Mac said.

“Huh?” said Tony.

“You’re not in the office now. You never know where the threats might come from. For example, in a restaurant you should never sit by the window.”

“Kabul,” Tally said leaning back in her chair.

The others looked at her.

“You’ve been in Kabul too long, Rambo.”

“He’s got a point, Tal.” Wisebaum looked sheepish as he unfolded his napkin. “That’s why the director asked me to team you two together on the next operation.”

Mac felt a growing irritation. “Kandahar, actually.” Had they been told of his Special Ops background? That much, at least, should have been kept secret. “So, what have you guys been told about me?”

“Not enough for you to kill us, I hope.” Tally said, laughing with the others. She crossed her arms on the table and leaned towards him. “How’s this sound: Special Ops soldier screws up unauthorized stakeout in Mexico leaving two girls and four cops dead and two American girls missing without a trace. Some red-faced General in Washington needs to get rid of the problem and sends it to us. That about sum it up?”

“Tal…” Wisebaum, stroking his beard, shot her a disapproving frown.

Mac wasn’t going to be provoked, and he held his voice steady. “You’ve just demonstrated how a little knowledge can be dangerous.”

“And now he makes threats.” She finished her wine and heaved a sigh. “Listen, Mac, we’ve tried this before with a soldier. Doesn’t work. All you people know is how to kill.” She refilled her glass and took another mouthful.

The bouzoukis started again, slowly with a rhythmic, metallic twang.

The waitress returned with their orders. “Bon appetit!” she yelled above the noise. Her cheerful Irish-accented French ratcheted the tension back a notch.

“Mmm, this looks magnificent. Let’s not talk shop, eh?” Wisebaum had ordered the restaurant’s specialty dish, astako makaronada—lobster with macaroni—and he attacked its soft white flesh.

Tally persisted with her attack. “Are we supposed to ignore the elephant in the room, Derek? No offense, but just so we’re clear, I think the world would be better off with fewer soldiers and more teachers.”

Tony and Rosco were watching them like it was a boxing match and one of the contenders was about to get knocked out of the ring. Mac sliced his swordfish steak and tried to ignore her. She was quickly getting under his skin. Still, with his training, he knew he could get the better of her. She’d be the one to lose her temper first. And then he wouldn’t need to work with her.

“To the glory of war!” Tally held up her glass in a mock salute, and took another gulp.

Mac held his emotions and lifted his eyes to meet her gaze. “No soldier thinks there’s glory in war. What you armchair critics don’t understand is that war is never totally in control. It’s frequently unfair… But then, life’s not fair either, is it? How fair is it that innocent people get killed when a plane’s flown into the building they just happen to work in?”

Tally stopped eating and shot a look at Wisebaum. There was more than a hint of color in her face.

“Tally’s parents were killed in the North Tower on 9/11,” Wisebaum said quietly.

There was a few moments’ silence. Mac glanced at the others, could see that he’d maybe gone onto shaky ground. He hadn’t been briefed on these people, so how could he be expected to know? It still didn’t excuse her attitude about servicemen and women.

“Nice fish,” Tony mumbled.

Tally quickly recovered, pointed her knife at Mac. “You think we’ve beaten Al Qaeda? Afghanistan’s more dangerous than ever, even post Bin Laden. And I’m not an armchair critic. I know what the military does. It screwed up the soldier I went out with.”

Mac swallowed his mouthful of fish. “You sure it was the army that did that?”

Tally’s mouth dropped, and she uttered a spluttering cough. Her face and neck flushed and she glared at him like he was the guy who couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate. For a moment, Mac thought she was going to storm out. Good. That would solve his problems.

Wisebaum almost choked. He pulled off his glasses. “Guys…”

But clearly Tally wasn’t about to let it go at that. She spoke softly, but with an aim as devastating as a sniper. “So, what’s the military done for you, Mac? Where are your friends? Has it helped you to buy a home? Has it helped you get a wife and family? Your file says your former fiancĂ©e dumped you while you were serving with the Rangers. Ended up marrying your brother. That must have been tough. Then, of course, there’s the Mexico fiasco. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised you accepted Derek’s deal to get you off the hook. Terribly sad about those two little Mexican girls who—”

“Enough!” Mac slammed his fist on the table.

Tally’s glass tumbled off the table and shattered on the floor. Several customers turned towards the source of the commotion. The bouzoukis played louder. Rosco and Tony sat like frozen Arctic explorers.

“See how easily he loses it, Derek? I can’t work with this guy.” She stood up and walked out.

There was a moment’s silence. Mac reached over and stabbed his fork into the carrots on her plate. “No point letting them go to waste.”


Ian Walkley switched to thriller writing after a career as a social and consumer researcher and marketing consultant. He is a published travel writer and has previously authored and edited two books on small business. Ian's debut conspiracy thriller, NO REMORSE, is the first in a series, and he is currently working on a crime thriller titled BAIT and the sequel to NO REMORSE. He has also written a screenplay for NO REMORSE.

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VENGEANCE OF THE WOLF (Excerpt) by Solitaire Parke

“Vengeance of the Wolf” is a harrowing story of a man exacting revenge on those he’s deemed responsible for the loss of his beloved wolf puppy, killed many years before at a presidential parade. A fragile young boy was at that moment forever changed, and the maniacal vendetta of a psychotic killer was created. What follows is a killing spree so brilliantly carried out, that it seems nearly unstoppable. Detective, John Yardley, and FBI Agent, Frank Williams, are on a quest to stop this manipulative, unknown mass murderer, whose targets seem to be specific politicians, in a bizarre and insane killing spree…one that draws them into a world of dreams and nightmares beyond their wildest imaginations. Awaiting them are unbelievable terrors, chilling twists and turns and a scope of destruction that they would never have believed possible!


A fog rolled in, tangible yet dreamlike in its quality, and formed a rough circle around Jack Kinnesen. Jack, the Governor of Montana, had lived here his entire life and had never seen anything like this before. Faintly in the distance he could hear wolves crying at something only they could see. A cracking sound, slight at first, then growing louder caused Jack to turn. A tree was coming up out of the ground, complete with fruit and branches, waving in the breeze that only moments ago had not been there. "Jesus, what in the name..." The branches were all waving at Jack now and making threatening motions when the first of the fruit suddenly flew off and headed directly toward his face.

Jack side stepped the approaching missile and watched as it sailed well beyond him.

Without warning the tree suddenly launched the remainder of its fruit and Jack, as agile as he was, could not dodge but a fraction of the oncoming projectiles. Pelted hard, Jack stumbled and went down under the attack. "Jesus Christ" Jack shook his head and pulled himself to his knees. The howling of the wolves was growing louder with every moment and the sound of many paws against the ground pounded in Jack's ears. The fruit tree was waving in the breeze and aging at an alarming rate as time moved to accelerate its growth. The wood grew brittle and, with a shriek, suddenly exploded shooting fragments in all directions. Again, Jack attempted to dodge the pieces but failed and was driven to the ground by the onslaught.

Like the eye of a storm, Jack could see the fog rolling in upon itself and rotating anti-clockwise around him. The roaring of the wind became deafening and yet Jack could still hear the wolves as they approached. Now on his feet, Jack went to pull the revolver that he always wore when in the backlands. He involuntarily jerked when his hand found nothing at his side but the thin material that constituted what was left of his pajamas.

"What the Hell is happening?"

Frantically he scanned for anything that could be used as a weapon but found only sand. The fragments of the tree had mysteriously disappeared within the maelstrom that surrounded him. An outline formed, vaguely human, in the wind that encircled him and stepped through to the calm zone that Jack occupied.

"Hi Jack...Looking for this?" It held a revolver up where Jack could see the markings, proving its origin. Jack again looked at his side, confusion clearly written on his face. Without provocation, It tossed the gun into the wind, where it was lost immediately. "Choosing you was difficult, Jack. You're really not like the rest…But you were there, you were there Jack."

It was nervously pacing and wringing what should have been Its hands. The indecision could be felt as if It could not quite force Itself to do what must be done.

Jack puzzled, replied; “I was where?"

It swelled, visibly larger than a moment before. A growling emerged from Its lipless mouth. "How quickly they forget... How quickly they hide from the truth. Does ignorance make it right? Like amnesia, only destructive- but strength or not it won't help you this time."

Jack turned around as if looking for something, when suddenly enlightened, said;

"This is a dream...this is not real, you're not real, none of this is happening."

"Don't count on waking up this time Jack."

Eyes narrowing, Jack turned back to face It. "I suppose I should be frightened."

Without pausing for the statement to even be finished, It lurched forward with ungodly speed. "I suppose you should be dead."

Never slowing, It passed through him like a specter, and emerged on the other side with Jack's heart in Its hand. Jack stiffened as It went through and grimaced in obvious pain. Turning proved to be impossible and Jack's knees felt like mush. Ever so slowly, Jack slumped to the ground and lay facing his antagonist. The heart was beating and It looked at the muscle as if fascinated and enthralled.

A low roaring was in Jack's ears and he could still hear the wolves as they approached. "I hope those wolves kill you when they get here." Jack winced with the effort of speaking.

"Don't count on it Asshole."


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About the Author

I have been avidly reading books of all kinds, but especially Science Fiction books since I was twelve years old. It was the author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, that really inspired me to become a writer. His style of writing spoke to me and evoked a passion for the written word. Throughout my life I have acquired a degree in Music Theory, a Masters in Photography and spent a decade and a half in Graphic and Web Design, but my love of writing never let up. I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time Author. I have written books ranging from Horror/Thriller to Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as Metaphysical and Poetry. I am also the proud owner of Tairobi…my Manx cat. He’s been a huge help in the writing process!