Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Resort by Valerie Douglas

Thriller/Romantic Suspense


When Jack Spencer, the Head of Security for Fairview Mountain Resort, calls about a missing coed, computer tech and sometimes troubleshooter Carrie Anderson answers. Jack knows that Carrie has a unique set of skills - on the side Carrie is part of a team that help domestic violence victims escape their homes and abusers.

Complicating things for Carrie is the handsome new attorney who just joined the team. What she finds, though, in her search for the missing girl, will test her ability at making people disappear and put all their lives in danger.


This is a story that is real; maybe too real in some ways. I came to know the main character, Carrie, and felt like I was present in everything she was going through in the story. Some things in this world are hard to hear but need to be said. This story does that. And huge props for the author in creating a pretty big cast of supporting characters, each with their own personalities. It’s a crazy, scary, fun gang of people that are both emotionally present and will kick butt for their closest friends. As a romantic suspense, it covers both pretty well and though Carrie’s love interest is not a story book stud, I think you’ll find him attractive. There were some very nice settings in this story and a great wrap up at the end. Overall an enjoyable read.


Talk about a baptism by fire. Oh, I hoped we had time.
“Pastor, get the puppy if you would, Sandy get the children.”
I was hooking my hands-free over my ear and pushing speed dial. “Code,” was all I said when Moira picked up. I hung up instantly. “Let’s go.”
All of us heard the sound of a car in the parking lot, hitting the gravel in a hurry, a bit of a skid.
One of the kids started crying as instinctively I hit the stairs two at a time, praying to get to the door first. The car door slammed even as I shot the lock home. Drew and the Pastor were both in the hallway.
“Are there any other doors unlocked?” I hissed.
“The front doors.”
“Try to keep the children quiet. Bring everyone out into the hallway so he can’t look through the windows.”
Both my shoes were off and I was sprinting through the building to the front of the church. It was a small church, very local. Come on, come on, I told myself as I tried to figure out how to lock them. Drew reached across from behind me and shot the bolt home. I jumped about a foot. He damn near scared the shit out of me.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, quietly.
“Too many things to explain right now.” I was already heading for the one window that would give me a clear view of the parking area as someone banged on the door.
“Sandy!” a voice shouted. “Sandy! I know you’re in there. Come on, honey. It’s okay. I’ll be good. I just got a little mad. It won’t happen again. I promise.”
He banged on the door again, the force of it belying his words. He was pissed. He’d seen the car and knew she was here.
Carefully, I peered out the window. Looked again. Ready to duck if he looked the wrong way, I took a closer look, trying to keep out of view. He was pacing in front of the door. There was something about the way his jacket was hanging. Then I was running barefooted through the church again, Drew close behind. I gestured him through the basement door and pulled it quietly shut behind me.
A very frightened Sandy Miller crouched with her children at the end of the hall. The Pastor was looking very bewildered.
“Sandy,” I whispered. Please don’t say yes. “Does your husband own a gun?”
Slowly, with big eyes, she nodded.
This was worst case scenario, all my preparations and plans undone. I nodded, hitting speed dial.
“Moira, call them off.”
I hung up. “Does he know where the parsonage is?”
Pastor Charles nodded, his face paling.
I darted quickly into the office, grabbed the phone, and dragged it out of the office.
“Call your wife; tell her to get out of the house. Go to the nearest neighbor’s. She’s to go now.”
If Sandy’s husband got no answer here at the church, that’s where he’d go next.
I dialed 911 on my cell phone.

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