The Series

A Hint of Murder: The Anthology compiles all three A Hint of Murder stories in one book:

A Hint of Murder: The Writer

Alicia Fairfield didn’t plan on being famous. Now a bestselling author with millions of fans, Alicia also has the attention of a killer. Someone has been recreating the murders from her books and the suspects are piling up; her mentally ill son, a disgruntled associate, and possibly even her loyal literary agent. The pressure of public recognition along with the guilt over these senseless killings could be enough to drive Alicia over the edge. Can she hold it together long enough to uncover a killer? (Story length 9,000 words)

A Hint of Murder: The Doctor

Russell Morgan had it all; good looks, the perfect woman and a rewarding career as a well-respected physician. When the doctor’s patients start turning up dead, his world comes crashing down. Second in the “A Hint of Murder” series, this short story brings Detective John Lewis back in action to track down the killer. (Story length: 12,000 words)

A Hint of Murder: The Bouncer

Bobby Crane was tired of being a bouncer and a glorified errand boy. He longed to be a professional singer and was just about to get his big break. Then Allen Schaffer is found murdered and Bobby’s car was spotted at the victim’s home. Third in the A Hint of Murder series, this story has detective John Lewis returning with a new partner to uncover a murderer. (Story length: 10,400 words)

What people are saying:

"There is a skill in writing a good short story. Every word has to count, and there is only a short time with which to engage the reader and make the characters come to life. Lia Fairchild is one writer that does this with charm and wit. Her characters come alive quickly, and the plot-lines race along with a pace that is just right."

"This collection of short stories was riveting! Made me hate to stop reading once it was over. I loved the untypical killers. I love the vivid descriptions and detailed writing; it makes you feel as if you are watching a movie as opposed to reading a book. I would definitely recommend to others!"

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